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Sprayer Jack Ltd

The unsafe lifting of your sprayer is now a thing of the past.

Trailed or self propelled From 22"/550mm to 72" 1.8m ground clearance.

NEW! Heavier duty Jack for the bigger machines

This jack design incorporates a locking safety stand so there is no need for an additional axle stand. We've all been there with our countless blocks of wood, bricks, extensions and whatever other time consuming 'unsafe' rigs that we manage to put together each time it comes to wheel changing time.

SAVE TIME! But do it safely.

This jack has a much longer stroke than normal bottle jacks so coming back down from row crops to low ground pressure tyres is easy and quick.

Due to the many different machines and tyre sizes I build the jack to suit your machine So please contact me with the measurement from the ground to your jacking point and I will tailor make it to suit your sprayer or sprayers.

Below are some pictures of three jacks on their way to Aberdeen and a trailed sprayer jack built for a customer in Lincolnshire standing with a jack built for a customers Bateman RB 35 from Buckinghamshire

CE marked Designed and tested to HSE machinery Directive 2006/42/CE